12 Cool Things Science Taught Us About Dogs This Year

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Study Suggests Dogs Can Tell When You're Lying

? 10. Sometimes her eyes are even open a little which makes it pretty creepy. Who doesn?t want more photos of Laika, right?? ? Thank You For Your Support You are my biggest source of learning ? and I want to thank you. My schedule is out of whack. What I love most about this post is that I was able to share that there are a ton of different things you can stuff in a Kong. I?ve made so many wonderful friends over the last year and a half. Need a quick facebook or twitter post? How about a simple infographic or flyer? Yep, they?ve got ?em. You guys are awesome. Dogs respond emotionally to the direction of tail wags. Using veggies & fruits also helps ensure I?m not going to be throwing out food I haven?t had a chance to eat ? I get to share the ?good for dog? stuff with Laika. The study found that the more training a heavy duty metal dog cage kennel crate 12655 had the more they were likely to look back at the human face rather than stare off into the distance with the human. But the team at Bassett Medical Center in New York found that just 12 percent of children with pet dogs tested positive for clinical anxiety, compared to 21 percent of children without a dog. Our Dogs Can Tell When We?re Lying New research has shown that when it comes to dealing with distrustful humans, and that they do seem to know when we?re lying. These third party interactions were once thought to only pertain to humans and other primates. It says that too much emotion can hinder performance as much as too little.12 Cool Things Science Taught Us About Dogs This Year Last updated on July 13, 2017 By Puppy Leaks From helping children with anxiety to avoiding people who are jerks to their owners, here?s 12 cool things science taught us about dogs this year. For real. 5. I just switched the photo, changed some colors and was good to go. We can use research to save so many animals? lives. No matter where I?m sleeping or how many closed doors are between us it wakes me up every time. Dogs in a kennel environment were tested with & without the presence of classical music, and when the music was played there was a lot less barking and pacing. Now I?d love to be able to say ?Oh, I get decent traffic let me just monetize this site? but I?m not comfortable with that path. I started this site for my love of dogs & writing, and that?s what I?m going to continue to do. One day I might write a dog book or two that I can place on my sidebar, but for now I don?t have any plans of turning this blog into my main business. None of my other posts have ever had close to this amount of shares. Dogs Help Children With Anxiety We?ve known that dogs have numerous health benefits such as reducing our blood pressure and helping with asthma, but a new study found that children with a dog in the home tend to have less anxiety. I?ve never been without a traditional job & to say it?s given me a little anxiety is an understatement. So if you haven?t been using Canva to create some awesome images what are you waiting for? A non-designer like me can go in there and use free templates to create this, I can only imagine what you could do. One Big Lesson ? The Right Image Is Worth More than 1000 Words The right image on social media is invaluable. But things have slowed down a lot over over the past month, and I apologize. Dogs Can be Soothed by Classical Music There?s new evidence that shows classical . 9. You don?t have to go buy the special Kong stuffing, a lot of the stuff you?ve already got on hand will work. Laika Still Howls in Her Sleep If I could change one thing about Laika it would getting her to stop sleep howling. Once I find a new job to pay the bills I?ll be back to posting on my ?normal? schedule a few times a week. (I really don?t mind a cliche here and there, so sorry if you do) I Lost My Real Job? I owe you an explanation ? I recently lost my job of 14 years, and it?s thrown me into a bit of a tizzy. Behavioral scientists and shelter professionals are working together to help disprove many of the myths associated with ? They?re reassessing the way temperament evaluations are handled and helping to get rid of the myth that relinquished pets are ?problem? pets. OK I promise I don?t work for Canva, but the amount of value I?ve gotten from that online photo editing tool is bonkers. Dogs & Humans Can Estimate a Dog?s Size by Their Growl Your dogs bark might be able to trick someone into thinking they?re much bigger than they are, but their growl doesn?t. I suppose we?ll have to wait and see. Yes, it?s even worse than her leash manners, resource guarding and reactivity. There may have been a little crying, shaking and shrieking involved. To all of my fellow pet bloggers I thank you for your continued support, and thank you for creating such a warm & welcoming community for pet bloggers. Does Your Dog Wag to the Right or Left? 11. As far as content goes I ended up publishing 132 posts this year. I like the way it is, writing what I do when I do. And when it comes to click bait remember that as long as an article has the information it implies in it?s headline it?s not click bait. Dogs Respond Differently to Our Tone Researchers found that your dogs temperament makes a difference when it comes to the tone you use . This guy is a total douche and I?m happy to help spread the word about his abusive training methods. I?d also like to convince her to stop jumping up & getting spooked by her own farts, but for now I?ll take an end to those sleep howls. Her howl is so loud. Between applying for jobs, interviews, hustling some side gigs (all legal, of course), and trying to get a writing portfolio & site put together I?m a bit burnt out. 6. If we work together with shelters, universities, coalitions, and volunteers, we can leave our old ways, take our scientific abilities to debunk myths, and establish new ways What Were Your Favorite Dog Stories of the Year? What were you amazed by this year in the dog world? Were you surprised by any of these studies? What were some of the cool things we learned that I missed? Love stories like this? Be sure to check out . That one single Pin still brings in 500-1000 visitors a day. 8. What I love most about rescue is how involved the match making process is. This is the same reaction that mothers have with their babies, and researchers suggest that dogs may have gotten their way into our hearts and lives by tapping into this form of bonding. ( I signed up for a 14 day free trial for more comprehensive results ) The best part is that I did it all for free in Canva. 1. Recommended Reading Puppy Leaks ? A Year in Review 2015 Last updated on December 15, 2015 By Puppy Leaks It?s been quite a year, hasn?t it? It?s a little odd to look out my window and see no snow in the middle of December, but this year is almost over. I couldn?t make the event but believe me when I say I was watching the whole thing from home with Laika by my side. I love dog cognition & behavior studies, so writhing this post was easy and fun for me. I have no control over what she?s dreaming about that makes her howl in her sleep. While I?d love to keep writing 3 posts a week at the moment I have to focus on finding a job and insurance first (which I?ve been doing for a few weeks now ? hence my absence). 3. I have to get up, make sure she?s OK (which she always is), and try to soothe her back to a quiet sleep. But that?s all I?m comfortable with. Humans and dogs can predictably estimate a dogs size . It?s pretty user friendly too, as far as I?m concerned. The Direction of a Dogs Tail Wag (right or left) Says a Lot Researchers found that (right vs left brain) when it comes to wagging their tails. After one of my Pins picked up steam it just kept going & going. ?The evidence we have now gained points to a significant protective effect in relation to type 1 diabetes, too. 12. Think of getting rattled during an interview for a job you really want. Recommended Reading. I contribute most of it?s success to a certain image going viral on Pinterest (more on that below). Is your dogs bark bigger than his bite? Turns out his growl isn?t fooling anyone. While using a distracting odor might confuse a dog for minute or two after that they?re right back . That?s it. We?ve all hear those tiny dogs with really big barks, but apparently they can?t disguise their grown in the same way. It?s a look back at the good, the bad and the ugly. Dogs have more sophisticated social intelligence than we thought. I?ll try to record it one of these nights, but it?s hard to be that ambitious at 3am most nights. It?s ridiculous in comparison. If I was searching for stuff to put in a Kong I?d click on ?39 Healthy Snacks to Stuff in a Kong? vs ?What to Stuff in Your Kong? simply because I know it has a lot of items listed. That?s the amazing thing about Pinterest ? it keeps bringing in results long after the original Pin is posted. I?m still a fan, and I?ll still use them in the new year. In the study the researchers found that to their owners ? even when being offered food. Now don?t get me wrong, some list posts are bad. I didn?t even ?create? the layout myself, it?s one of the premade templates they offer under . I tried Pic Monkey and a few of the others but they were confusing, for whatever reason I meshed well with Canva. And since I learned a big lesson on the value of images this year I?m going to continue learning about design & work on my own photography skills. It?s really odd but she keeps doing it. They get more clicks, and if you?re writing with the intention of having people read your work that?s a pretty simple way to get more eyes on your work. The other one is much more vague. Informational posts on health, training, behavior & dog science are my passion. Earlier this year when 2 convicts escaped a NY prison it was reported that they had been using pepper to throw the search dogs off their trail. I can control when and where I take Laika out and what she has access to. They decide whether to follow human commands by reading the reliability of the person. And yes ? dogs will start to show their own preferences towards humans who have treated them fairly vs those who trick them. We can show from previous studies that exposure to dogs prevents airway inflammations,? says research professor Suvi Virtanen of THL. I don?t always start out with a list post, but often I?ll find myself with 5 points on a subject and realize an easy way to organize it is by turning it into one. WTF ? none of my other posts are even close to this amount of shares. This post caught on (especially in a few FB groups) and I couldn?t be happier. Here?s a look back at 2015, from what I?ve learned about blogging to my plans for the new year. Not because I?m in love with the titles, but because the title tells me exactly what I?m getting myself into. List Posts Still Do Well (And No, They?re Not Clickbait) Most of my posts that did well we?re in list form aka listicles.? Although they were aware of the many homeless pets in shelters they said they weren?t likely to adopt from one. I analyzed my shares using . 7. They tested 154 Border Collies & found that even the young or untrained dogs were showing the ability to follow a humans gaze at various objects and places. List articles have gotten a bad rep from some, often being accused of being filled with ?fluff? or even called click bait. And I?ll continue the fun Why Do Dogs series to answer some of the questions I get e-mailed. This social intelligence evolved selectively in their long life history with humans. Hint, hint (insert winking emoticon here) Puppy Leaks Biggest Hits 2015 One of my favorite posts to write ended up being the most popular this year so that was quite a pleasant surprise. So I?m averaging 11 a month which isn?t too bad, though I?d love to be able to get to a place where I?m able to write 3 posts a week. ? Kyoto University researcher Does Your Dog Know When You?re Lying? 4. Dogs generally wag their tails to the left when they?re more relaxed, and to the right when faced with something unknown or stressful. Click bait is using en enticing headline and not delivering on the promise, a listicle is just ? well a listicle. The results are unique on a worldwide scale, and additional research evidence is still needed to support our findings. For now it?s going to be once (maybe twice) a week. It can last for minutes. To Another Awesome Year For the new year I don?t have any major overhauls for the blog planned. For their next study the researchers are going to try different genres of music to see how soothing classical is versus others. And if you happen to know anyone that?s looking for a content creator/writer send ?em my way. I do make money from this blog via affiliate links & google ads, but it?s not enough to pay my mortgage. Well when I say worse I mean more annoying. Every single comment, share and e-mail makes me motivated to keep learning and growing, and it means a lot to me. And it?s not just a quick howl & go back to sleep thing either. I might do a theme change or tweak at one point, but nothing in the near future. 2. Untrained Dogs Follow Our Gaze Many dogs will follow our gaze when it comes to toys or food, but research has found that even when we?re just staring off into space. I?m in shock just writing that number. Big thank you to for the Best New Pet Blog nomination & award. A study found that when dogs see a tail wagging to the right they?re more relaxed, when the wag is to the left they become more stressed. Now is that maintainable? I don?t know. Rescue workers are dedicated to getting their animals into the right homes, and they?re not only willing to help you find your perfect match, good rescues are available after the adoption to help with any concerns or issues. That?s a canine example, say the researchers, of the Yerkes-Dobson psychological law at work. Changed the photo, added my title, changed the top font to Oswald & moved the text. When I?m browsing through articles I find myself reading a lot of list ones myself. What I personally love about list posts is that they?re descriptive from the get go. I?ve read some really crappy list posts, ones just filled with links to 50 other articles with no actual information inside, but that?s not the kind I write. In a study that tested service dogs & pet dogs the researchers found pet dogs did better at commands given in a calm voice, and the service dogs excelled while given commands in a more excitable one. Dogs Avoid People Who React Negatively to Their Owner Researchers found that dogs are much more socially intelligent than once thought, they?re able to pick up social cues as they pertain to their owners. And what?s really cool is that they have premade templates for all sorts of designs. Have a great holiday & we?ll see you again in the new year. Dogs May Help Prevent Diabetes in Children Earlier this year 3000 children who were part of a diabetes prevention study helped researchers find that were at a much lower risk of developing type 1 diabetes. Research Is Starting to Redefine the ?Shelter Dog? A study earlier this year found that the majority of millenials think of animals in shelters as ?damaged goods. The researched studied 34 dogs with different humans performing various tasks. The dogs started to show preferences for people who were reliable versus the ones who were not giving out rewards like the others. But I guess if that?s the worst of my problems it?s not all bad. It wasn?t making me rich by any means, but it was enough to pay the bills and the benefits were great. You Can?t Throw a Dog Off Your Trail with Pepper Despite that old myth you cannot throw a Bloodhound off your trail by using pepper. ?Puppy Dog Eyes? Create a Strong Bond When your dog maintains eye contact with you you?re ? the ?love hormone? associated with attachment and nurturing. Hard to believe, isn?t it? Quick Recap on Stats Puppy Leaks has been doing well this year, it broke a record I never thought possible ? 150,000 visitors a month

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