Dogs In Beds ? A Video Guide

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? Drainage tubes & cones of shame are fun for no one.? You were scared of the floor.? I could have put carpet down in the kitchen beforehand if I had known. I?m sorry if it wasn?t a pleasant walk for you, we probably should have just cuddled on the couch one last time. He left you there tied up all night long. I?m sorry about our last day together. After a week someone finally saw you; terrified, muddy & hungry.? I should have had you on a leash, but in all honesty weren?t most of our great times had off leash? I couldn?t find you anywhere. Then I decided you looked too hot; you were always looking for shade and panting. My best friend Carter 1998 ? 2011 Amazing poem, best to have some tissues nearby. I?m sorry that when you turned 13 you went through so much suffering.? I thought the right pill or surgery could fix you up again. I couldn?t find you, if I had half the nose you had I might have been able to track you.? You were lean once, agile even.? I ran around calling your name; to cover more miles I upgraded to my bike, I was young and didn?t have a license yet.? You ate the same food as the other dog, why didn?t he get fatty tumors? The vets always asked what you were eating.? I?m sorry, I had no idea you were going to do that.Dogs In Beds ? A Video Guide Last updated on July 3, 2015 By Puppy Leaks Dogs In Beds ? A Video Guide I didn?t want to get out of bed this morning either.? You sat there all night long in a big yard wondering if anyone was coming to get you, I?m sorry.? You had such nice Aussie hair when you were young. Today is the , and I?m grateful to have found such a great community for support.? I ran after you but you wouldn?t stop.? It never grew back shiny afterwards. I?m sorry about that one time you jumped from the picnic table and I wasn?t paying attention. Puppy not Happy about Getting Out of Bed: ? ? ? This dog isn?t allowed in bed: ? ? ? I don?t blame him: ? ? ? Sharing the bed: ? ? ? Cats stealing dog beds: ? ? ? Recommended Reading Dear Carter ? An Ode to My Best Friend Last updated on August 28, 2015 By Puppy Leaks The hardest part of losing my dog Carter has been dealing with guilt. I?m sorry that you were probably a puppy mill dog, it might explain all the fatty tumors & cataracts you had by the time you were 4.? I?m sorry that you were so scared and that you never quite seemed the same after that week.? I thought I?d help cool you off by shaving that very soft fur of yours.? He let you out at 8pm for your nightly tinkle & poop, but he left you there.? You were trying to protect me when they came charging you did just that, you protected me from those 2 dogs.? I don?t think Chicken Soup for The Dog Lover?s Soul is your favorite food, I was just giving you what the vet recommended.? I didn?t see it coming; you took off for a week when that happened. I shouldn?t have shaved you. You were probably wondering why we were going for a ride so often during those days. I?m sorry that we didn?t get to go on a long walk that day, you seemed so tired.? He said it took hours to get you to come up to him, even with burgers.? But you were 13; you weren?t going to get healthy again. I?m sorry that it resulted in another drainage tube and another cone of shame. Guilt for all the things we should have done, and guilt for all the things we should not have done. I?m sorry for the time I had dad watch you, I?m sure you remember that night.? After the shave you weren?t shiny anymore, you were a dull gray color; to be honest you resembled a pudgy deer.? I wanted you to smell the grass and roll in some dead animal one last time.? You didn?t complain, you certainly didn?t appear happy on that exam table but you dealt with it.? You could run laps around the yard and no one would ever come close to catching up. I?m sorry about the neighbors dogs.? I didn?t want you to be scared, tile floors were a whole new experience for you; I understand that now.? I should have had the neighbor watch you, I know that now.? I?ve never seen a dog turn so quickly. It was decent food, not table scraps or the cheapest thing I could find. You felt wooly after that shave, I made you forever wooly and I?m sorry. I?m sorry for shaving you.? I kept going to the vet to try something else but it wasn?t working. An Ode To Carter ? My Best Friend for 13 Years Dear Carter ? I?m sorry that when you were around I didn?t have a digital camera; most of the photos I have of you are when you were gray, old & chubby. I?m sorry about when we moved into the new house.? I think you wanted me to catch you, instead you just bounced off of me onto the concrete. ? It?s wonderful to know we?re not alone in our grief, and many of us have struggled with loss. Recommended Reading.? If I knew then what I know now about dog fur I wouldn?t have done that.? I wanted you to be healthy again.? Instead I was leading you around the yard, stopping every 2 minutes so you could catch your breath.? I?m sorry that you had to go through all those surgeries to remove all those fatty tumors. You probably would have enjoyed fast food a lot more than kibble, I don?t know what I was thinking. You were so polite you didn?t say a word. I?m sorry about that time we were in the backyard and a transformer blew up.? He forgot he was watching you.? It might not explain it, I don?t know

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